Salon Mom: Cutting your own kids hair

by Brie

It was time. I really couldn’t put it off any longer. I needed to face facts. My son needed a haircut.

My two-year boy’s long white blond hair was cute. He looks like a little surfer one of the moms’ at the park told me. It was true. He did. But he also was starting to have trouble seeing with his bangs covering his eyes. This was great for playing hide-and-seek but not so great for walking.

Why yes that discolouration on his neck is a large dolphin tatto. What else could it be?

I tried to put off the haircut. I brushed his hair to the side. I grabbed the hair at the front of his head and pulled it up into a top ponytail. Now he looked like a rocker dude. A cute rocker dude, but still, I wondered how long it was going to be before people asked me if he was a girl.

He really does rock this look!

Still I resisted. The first and only time I took him and his sister to the hairdressers was not a success. We drove all the way out to Melonhead in Orleans and I had to watch while he sobbed the entire haircut. He even sobbed while clutching a lollipop.

One day a friend suggested I cut his hair myself. I agreed, while still trying hard to think of a place I could take him for a hair cut that wouldn’t result in tears. Then one day when we were over visiting she told me she had bought me a nice pair of scissors for $2 at the grocery. Sized by what I can only describe as some force beyond my control, I decided then and there to cut the boy’s hair.

I sat him in his friend’s booster seat and started to cut. I will admit to being a little nervous. I was worried that he would end up looking stupid, but I figured if it turned out badly I could always take him to a real hairdresser to have it fixed. Plus, once I started I just couldn’t stop. I was having too much fun! It was like playing with the Barbie hair salon set I had as a kid. But with real hair!

So I cut and cut and it turned out great. I gave him a “boy cut”, which involved holding up pieces of hair and cutting it diagonally. Halfway through I was tempted to just leave him with the mullet I had unintentionally created, but then decided against it. In the end the haircut turned about great, I saved $20 and, best of all, no tears.

Proof that I should be allowed to cut hair again

The girl noticed her brother’s haircut as soon as she got home from school and asked me to cut her hair too. Salon Mom is open for business!

What about you? Have you ever cut your kid’s hair? Do you run a Salon Mom? Any tips and tricks to share for giving a great haircut?

Brie is the mom of a 4-year-old daughter “the girl” and 2 old son “the boy”. You can read her blog at Capital Mom.



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16 responses to “Salon Mom: Cutting your own kids hair

  1. I cut my own kids’ hair for ages and it went really well. The secret for us was to pop in a movie during haircut day — they’d sit quietly while I snipped.

    Then one day we were in a rush for a special event, so I took them to the Goobers, which is a kids’ salon out here in Kanata. The kids were so enthralled – toys in the waiting room! Video games during haircuts! Fancy cars to sit in! Sparkles in your hair! That now they won’t settle for anything less.

    I still make them let me give them little between cut trims but now we’re a salon family, I guess. I kind of miss it…I had all kinds of haircutting business fantasies. Oh well!

  2. wow! what an awesome job. my mom cut my hair for ages as well. i can’t even begin to think of how to even cut the jellybean’s hair. but it grows so slow that two trips to the barber a year seems to be worth it.

  3. I’ve been trying to convince Eric to let me cut K’s hair FOR EVER! He just doesn’t trust me. I have showed him this post. I’m not sure it convinced him, he just sighed and said “you want to cut his hair now right?” 🙂
    I may just do it anyways, if it goes wrong – I can bring him to you 😉

  4. Ainsley

    I do my best cutting my toddler’s hair, but my attempt at giving her a hipster supershort banged bob left her looking like a tiny blond Spock

    • I once cut the girl’s bangs so short it looked like she hardly had any. And yet it still looked cute on her. It really wouldn’t have looked cute on me. 🙂

  5. My Mother in law just moved back to Ottawa. She’s a hair dresser 🙂 A lovely asset to any family!

  6. His hair looks great!

    I’ve been cutting Brandon’s hair ever since he was about six months old. I got some clippers and we used to shave him pretty close, but the older he gets, the larger the combs we use. I wasn’t as intimidated by using the clippers as I would be with scissors because he’s so fidgety. (How’d you get The Boy to stay still for you!?)

    • I just clipped him into the high chair. It probably helped that we were at a friend’s house. It was more exciting that way.

      I have a feeling we will be pulling out the clippers on of these days. 🙂

  7. Soha Kneen

    Hi! Your son’s haircut looks great! I also cut T.’s hair – after trying out a few hairdressers (incl. Melonhead). The problem is that everyone wants to cut his hair super short and they don’t seem to know how to cut curly hair. After a few tries at various hairdressers T. started to tell me that he didn’t look like himself anymore – he wasn’t happy (too funny given that he’s 4 years old). So now I do it myself by putting on a movie with the promise of the treat afterwards (we learned our lesson that hair and lollypops don’t mix very well). And it works out great! And T. is happy too! 🙂

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