Alcatel – Lucent Sunday Bikedays

by Jay

I love living in Ottawa. I love that this city provides so many opportunities for us to get out and enjoy our city and the great outdoors.

I know there’s only 1 more Sunday left of the family bike days but if you can make it I highly recommend it.

What are Sunday Bike Days? Every Sunday from the end of May until the Sunday before Labour Day the City of Ottawa shuts down our parkways to motor vehicles. People can go on the roads without worrying about cars and trucks.

Today we took out our bikes. We have Trail-A-Bikes for the kids that easily attach to our normal bikes. It allows the kids to ride safely behind us yet we all still get the benefits of pedaling at a decent speed.

We’ve also taken our inline skates while the kids have ridden their own bikes.  You don’t need a bike or inline skates to enjoy Sunday bike days though. There are tons of people out walking, running, pushing a stroller, even on scooters (feet powered scooters).

Today we went on Colonel By Drive and biked all the way from Hogs Back to Downtown and back again. In all it was likely about an hour, biking at a decent pace. You can turn around whenever you want and the adventure can be what you make of it. We parked our car at Hogs Back Falls and were easily able to access Colonel By Drive from there crossing 1 road at the lights.

Volunteers are at many of the blocked off streets if you have questions. Today we biked by 2 entrepreneur spirits selling Lemonade, but I highly recommend bringing a lot of water and a snack to have ½ way. There are loads of places to stop along the way and rest in the shade if you start at Hogs Back.  Shaded resting spots Do become few and far between once you’ve passed Bronson all the way to just before the University of Ottawa Campus.

If you do decide to park at Hogs Back Falls, once you have your bikes packed away there are some great trees for the kids to climb in the shade before climbing in the car again.

It’s not just Colonel By Drive but also the Ottawa River Parkway, Rockliffe Parkway  (all closed to traffic between 9am – 1pm) and Gatineau Park Pathways (closed to traffic between 6am – 1pm).

If you can’t make it out next Sunday, be sure to mark your calendars for Sundays next year. Or take advantage of all the wonderful bike paths in the city and go on a family bike ride anyways. My kids each gave this adventure 2 thumbs up and so did the parents!

Jay is the Mom to 6.5yr old Sydney and 4.5yr old Carter and has a blog for her business, Loopy 4 Ewe.



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2 responses to “Alcatel – Lucent Sunday Bikedays

  1. I couldn’t agree more. There is no better way to fully experience the city of Ottawa than cycling through it. It is a diverse group of people out there all ages, all walks of life from the mom & dad with newborn to the 78 year old trekker I met in Gatineau Park last week.
    BTW, the Gatineau Parkway is closed from 6:00 -11:00 AM (not 1:00 PM) on Sundays.

    As September 5 is the last day for the bikeway for this season, please take a moment to thank the volunteers that make it happen. Or go one step further and have your child distribute muffins to the volunteers. It is sure to bring a smile to their faces and a simple, subtle lesson in gratitude.

    Happy safe cycling to all.


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