Splish Splash

by Erin

We just got a brand new splash pad in my neighbourhood!! It was added to an existing park with a play structure and swings.

Did you know that the City of Ottawa has almost 100 splash pads?

You can find a map of all the locations here.

Miss K has been a little…ummm…”weary” of the water this summer. I believe it might have something to do with an unfortunate incident during out spring visit to Newfoundland where Mommy sat her on a large rock on the beach as the tide was coming in. I did get some awesome photos until she realized that there was water pooling up around her and fell off said rock in an escape attempt. (Note: I was within arms reach, and the water was very calm and shallow. I am a good parent, I promise.)

I had hoped that by taking her to some of the Ottawa’s awesome splash pads I might get her reacquainted with the water and boost her confidence. Luckily, my plan worked.

If you haven’t already spent some of your summer hanging out at a Splash Pad, I highly recommend that you plan a visit or two before September comes. I have seen children of all ages, from babies to tweens, having a blast playing in the water. Even if you don’t currently have one in your neighbourhood, the is bound to be one within a short driving distance.

Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Erin is mom to 2 (almost 3) year old “Miss K” and 6 month old “Mister J”. You can read her blog at My Suburban Adventure



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15 responses to “Splish Splash

  1. Jay

    We LOVE going to the splash pads!
    We usually visit the splash pad on Longsfield in Barrhaven. It’s great – splash pad on one side, park on the other side and a huge field behind. There is a tent/structure for shade in the middle. Don’t forget to bring a folding chair!
    We also just went to the one in Riverside South (I think that’s the area) which was also great. Lots of trees for shade, but they kept dropping acorns and their was a huge puddle of mud since the water would reach beyond the splash pad at times.

  2. The one in Fallingbrook is terrible! I called the city to complain. It’s basically 2 splintered wood posts on broken uneven asphalt. The came and leveled the ground and told me that it was scheduled for a complete replacement this fall… right when I’m moving to a different neighbourhood!

  3. we triple heart splash pads. there are three within walking distance from our place. the one next to the chinese embassy is the best though. it’s perfectly planned with a great park, benches in the shades and a little river with a rock bed that takes on all of the water from the pad and which kids love to play in. during the heat way we would go just before bed time to try and cool off. the hubby and i would join in with the jellybean. who said it was only for kids!

  4. We often go to one in Queenswood Heights (I think that’s the neighbourhood) in Orleans called Centennial Park. There are two areas, dumping buckets, water cannons and spraying jets. Great fun! (Great place for fabulous photos too!)

  5. Man, I wish I lived near one of these! We don’t have them where we are. Jealous!!

  6. Jen

    Totally jealous, we live in the bayswater somerset area. And being as it may, we only have two splash parks and we’ve exhausted both this year. One is a little walk, but it has a field to run in and a VERY small play structure. It’s nicely shaded with trees on super hot days so that helps. But there’s really not much to it. Yes, kids love it, splash, play in the sand, swing then splash again. Joy! But it’s the mundane routine of always going to that same park. Please let me know if there’s another splash park in the area of somerset/bayswater. Within walking distance or a short bus ride. We’re almost at the end of summer and would like to change it up!!! Thanks in advance and great review!


  7. Jen

    Oh, and I find the park has ALOT of bees!!! It’s been hard to have sweetier snacks like fresh fruit and some juice. So, forwarded if your checking out that park. I can’t remember the intersection it’s on but it’s right beside the parkway just before the parkdale enterance. Oh and no washrooms either…it’s really not that great! LOL..Oh and I have two lil ones..Kayla 3 and Logan 15mths.

  8. Jen

    oh and I realized I have a hard time spelling forwarned…lol..hahaha

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  10. Erin, I live in that neighbourhood too!!! We went to that splash pad for the first time last week. I wish it had opened sooner. It was such a hot summer.

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