Kids in the Capital Blog Hop

Okay, we are trying this again. Sorry if you had tried to link through earlier this week. We had some problems with the link. But! We are trying this again. 

There are some great bloggers in Ottawa. Blog Out Loud was a testiment to that. We have tech bloggers, food bloggers, photo bloggers, craft blogger and, our favorite, parenting bloggers!

A peek at the list of parenting bloggers that have contributed to Kids in the Capital since we started in April of this year will give you just a glimpse of some of the many, many Ottawa parenting bloggers. There are so many in fact, and we discover more all the time, that we thought it was time for us to all get together!

If you live in Ottawa and want to connect with other parent bloggers then welcome to our first Kids in the Capital Blog Hop! Make sure you add you name and blog link to the link up below. Then lock yourself in the bathroom (without the kids) and go discover some new blogs.  Don’t forget to leave the blogger some comment love!

We can’t wait to come and visit you all!

(Click on the Mister Linky to add your blog or see the list of contributed blogs)

Brie is the mom of a 3.5 year old daughter “the girl” and eighteen month old son “the boy”. You can read her blog at Capital Mom.

Lara is mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 11 month old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can read her blog at Gliding Through Motherhood.



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15 responses to “Kids in the Capital Blog Hop

  1. What a great idea. Thanks for doing this! Ottawa has such a great blogging community, I’m always finding great new local bloggers through these types of initiatives.

  2. I’m looking forward to finding a few new reads.

  3. Thanks for letting us share our blogs!

  4. Hi there, I write an events / activities blog for kids in…you guessed it….kitchissippi (westboro, hampton park, mckellar park, hintonburg parkdale etc.). I also provide ideas on day excursions around Ottawa and other things that catch my fancy. Thanks for having such a great website and providing this opportunity!


  5. The Ottawa blogging community is tremendous. Really appreciate all the work by the Kids in the Capital bloggers too!

  6. Brenda (@ottawamom)

    Love reading all the posts on Kids in the Capital and am looking forward to finding new blogs to read.


  7. What a fun idea — thanks!!

  8. Would love to write something for you guys soon! Like on the Trading Post at the Museum of Nature – 4th floor, Saturday mornings – children can go ‘trade’ their fossils, rocks, etc… very cool!

  9. What a great idea! Thank you for doing this.

  10. great idea. oh, and i have a post i’d like to write about going to the Governor General’s. Do I just email it to you? I hope to write it in the next few days.

  11. What a great idea. I’ve wanted to find more Ottawa blogs to read for a long time. I’m glad you’ve made it easy for me.

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