ABC Challenge : we’re done!!

by Lara

Did anyone notice I missed last week’s post? Sorry…  my house has been infested with sick and teething for a month and it just couldn’t happen.

But this week is a big week!!  It’s the final week!  I completed the entire challenge and I know a few others did as well, and several others are close behind.  I am so thrilled that people enjoyed the challenge!

Now we need to figure out what next? A few of us are interested in continuing on with some photo challenges.  Are you interested? Let me know what you’d like to see with regards to photography!

Blog out Loud is tonight! I’ll be there with a scrapbook of ABC challenge photos. Will you be there?

Photography tip

One of  the things that I learned most about during the course of this challenge was about Flickr.  It’s a great tool for challenges like this. We were able to share photos, discuss all kinds of things and even make new friends! I got to meet a bunch of the abc challenge participants in person which is one of the things we want Kids in the Capital to be about – community!

But now that my ABC challenge is done I still plan to use flickr daily.  I’ve joined other challenges and communities – like Positively Ottawa (run by Angela and Dani) and 365 community (I’m on day 36 of my 365 project and really enjoying the challenge!)

So I challenge you to explore Flickr. There are so many great places to get inspiration for new and different photos, to learn more, and to share your fabulous photos with others who really appreciate photography.  Please add me as a contact if you’re there, I’d love to keep exploring photography with you!

My last 4 photos!

V is for vehicles – doesn’t he look like such a big boy here?

V is for vehicle

K is for kissing –  Kiernan loves his babies and gives them hugs and kisses multiple times a day. Most of the time they tolerate him 🙂

K is for kissing.

B is for books – books at bedtime are a big thing around here.

B is for books

L is for laughing – Quinn is one of the smiliest and laughiest (both words, I swear) kids ever. This is one of my favourite photos of the challenge.

26: 365 L is for laughing

Participants’ photos

<a href=”; title=”V is for vehicle by GlidingLara, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”333″ height=”500″ alt=”V is for vehicle”></a>

E is for eating by Dani – ice cream screams summer and with this heat wave isn’t it refreshing just to even look at it?
Mmmm, ice cream!

U is for umbrella by Sara – Peek!
71:365, Umbrella June 30 2010

J is for jumping by Stella – great jump and great shirt!
J is for Jumping

E is for eating by Angela – more summer snacks, yumm!

Please take the time to let me know how you enjoyed the challenge, if you found the tips useful and if you’d be interested in participating in more photography challenges.  Other ideas I’ve had include photography get togethers and maybe even trying to set up some photography workshops.  Thanks for following along!! (But if you aren’t done and want to finish getting all your ABC photos – please keep adding them to our group, there will still be people checking out what’s there!)

Lara is the mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 1 year old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can find her at her blog Gliding Through Motherhood.



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4 responses to “ABC Challenge : we’re done!!

  1. this challenge was a lot of fun:)
    when i looked at the collection of my 26 shots, all together, i got great pleasure in realizing that it really captured the sense of fun i have with my kids.
    photography is a huge part of our lives ( me by choice, the children by force;)) and i am thrilled with how this project absolutely included and focused on them.
    thanks lara:)

    and i got to meet a whole new group of friends, which is always important.

    if you are exploring flickr, please add me as a contact as well – jhscrapmom.

  2. krista

    I just uploaded my last two! I really enjoyed doing this. So nice to have focus for my photography, which has fallen by the wayside a bit since I had my little ones.

    The tips were also good – I look forward to them every week.

    I love that I had to think outside the box for a couple of these too – an added bonus.

    I’ll get thinking on ideas for next, though I do like the numbers idea that was proposed.

    krista aka stella0017 on flickr

  3. Lara, this has been great fun! Thanks for the inspiration and the camaraderie! Ironically, since I may be only second to Amy and Angela in sheer photographic prolificness, I am still along way from being done. I’m still waffling between going ahead or padding my collection from my archives!

    Anyway, thanks again for a fun summer project and a great series of posts. Whatever you’re up to next, count me in!

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