Kid Kaf Coffee Shop – A Sweet Retreat for Parents!

by Sabrina

My little boy and I just spent the morning at a gem of a place here in Ottawa called Kid Kaf Coffee Shop It was our first visit, and it won’t be our last.

Kid Kaf is part-indoor playground (for kids up to five years old), and part-cafe with delicious coffee and yummy, healthy treats. Hello! Their pastries come from Le Moulin de Provence! Need I say more? The healthier treats include lovely fruit & veggie plates made on the spot (that is, not pre-packaged!). Yum, yum, yum.

Why go to Kid Kaf?

Well, the play area is perfect: it’s not too big (so all the wee ones are visible from the seating area), which is perfect for a mom like me who likes (and needs) to relax with a magazine and vanilla latte, glancing up every so often to make sure my little guy is playing nicely with others.

The play area has several super-fun climbing structures and other toys — so it’s better than staying home, where my little guy likes to climb on EVERYTHING, and it’s better than going to our local community centre, where there is only one indoor play structure (and lousy coffee).

The best part of Kid Kaf? The security! The play area is in the back of the cafe, closed off by a half-wall and two gates. A staff member buzzes you in, otherwise you can’t get in. And, you can only leave by buzzing yourself out (otherwise the gate stays locked). There is no way for kids – especially my little Energizer Bunny – to escape! Brilliant! I have to say that I certainly felt relaxed knowing my little guy wasn’t about to make his way out the front door at any given time, which is what he would do at any other cafe.

The morning I was there, a group of moms had gathered for an arranged playdate. Again, a perfect idea! Why host a playdate at your own house when all the moms can get out for a change of scenery and delicious coffee (did I mention how important good coffee is to me?)

The owner of Kid Kaf is the lovely Adeline, and she makes you feel so welcome by showing you around the cafe and explaining how the whole system works.

The best part of our morning at Kid Kaf was that I got to come home with a very tired little boy, who fell asleep for his nap in an instant, allowing me to grab another well-deserved moment of peace and quiet!

Some good things to know about Kid Kaf:

  • No outside food is allowed, unless it’s baby food.
  • There is a basic charge for visiting, which completely makes sense considering you can spend hours there with your children and the playground area cannot exactly turn a profit. The charge for each child over 11 months old is $3.99 (special rates for families with three children or more). There are also special rates for playgroups – just contact Adeline for details.
  • Kid Kaf also hosts events, like Baby Signing workshops.
  • Location: Bells Corners, 3825 Richmond Rd, Unit 114 (beside the Pizza Hut)
  • Hours: Mon 8:30am-12:00pm; Tues-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm; Sat & Sun 9:00am-6:00pm

Please note: September to June hours are:

Monday to Friday: 8:30AM to 5:00PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00AM to 2:00PM

Finally, a cafe made just for parents and their kids!

Sabrina is the mom of five-year old Darling Daughter and 22-month old Little Buddha. You can read her blog at .



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8 responses to “Kid Kaf Coffee Shop – A Sweet Retreat for Parents!

  1. perfect timing, I was considering going next week and I knew nothing about it. Thanks!

  2. my friends have been going on about this place and I keep meaning to go! How is the coffee?

  3. Wow, is this where the Gymboree used to be? I spent many, many hours as a new mom at the Gymboree. I’m a little sad about the change.

    That said, the addition of pastry and coffee can’t be ALL bad, can it? I’m putting this on my list for things to do with the Little Miss in September, when the big two are back in school.

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  7. Just a note to say that Kid Kaf regular hours from September to June are:

    Monday to Friday: 8:30AM to 5:00PM
    Saturday and Sunday: 9:00AM to 2:00PM

    We had some tears when we showed up at 4 pm on a Saturday. Luckily we remembered the McD’s play structure nearby and that saved the day 🙂

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