My Park: Gerald Poulin Park

by Vicky

Gerald Poulin Park is located in Chapel Hill, Orleans. This great 4-season park is the one I played at when I was a kid. Since my parents haven’t moved, my own kids now get to enjoy the park like I did. The city updated the structures last year, so they are new and modern.

In the winter, kids can enjoy the toboggan hill, which has a steep side for older kids, and a more gradual slope for the younger ones. At the bottom of the hill, there is a skating rink which is maintained by the city. I used to have skating parties on this rink when I was younger. Someday my own kids will skate there too.

At the other end you’ll find a large open space which is perfect for kite flying, soccer playing or running off energy. In the summer, younger kids play in the splash pad, teenagers gather at the beach volleyball pit, and dog-walkers stroll along the winding paths.

It really is a perfect park for every one and every season.

Vicky is the mom to 3.5 year old son named Joel and 9 month old daughter named Mieka. You can read her blog at blog Some Kind of Wondermom.


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