Apples’n’Oranges: a Peekaboo Beans giveaway


We love to feature local businesses that cater to parents in the capital. It’s always even more fun when they want to give our readers something! Apples’n’Oranges, started by local moms Lara and Vicky in 2007, has an amazing selection of unique and fabulous clothing for children. You’ll definitely want to check them out!

Apples’n’Oranges is an online store that proudly carries exclusively Canadian brands, showcasing an original selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for children aged 0-5 years, as well as a few accessories for mom. They carry over 20 different brands from across Canada, and are the biggest online retailer of what is their most popular brand, Peekaboo Beans.

Peekaboo Beans

Getting your kids up, fed, dressed and out the door on time in the morning is no easy feat! As parents, we welcome things that make the process a little less easier. That’s why Peekaboo Beans clothing for kids is so fabulous! No buttons, snaps or zippers to slow us down!

This great Canadian line of clothing (designed in Vancouver) is fashionable AND functional. The bottoms have wide elastic waists with drawstrings (think toilet training!) and the tops are cut a bit longer to cover little bellies. Many pieces are versatile; a reversible pants, a dress that becomes a tunic, a jacket that turns into a vest. The quality is outstanding and can handle the playground well enough to be passed on to siblings or friends.

Win it!

Apples’n’Oranges has given us a Peekaboo Beans outfit to give to one our our readers! The prize is for one shirt and pants, or one dress, in the size of your choice (based on a availability.)

To enter, leave a comment on what you feel is an important feature in clothing for your kids.

For a second entry, join Apples’n’Oranges facebook group and leave a comment.

For a third entry, follow @apples_noranges on twitter and leave a comment.

For a fourth entry, sign up to Apples’n’Oranges’ newsletter and leave a comment.

Contest closes Wednesday, May 26 at 9pm.

Open House

Join the gals of Apples’n’Oranges and see the latest Spring items, or pick up a bargain or two at up to 80% off from their clearance section! Save 20% off Peekaboo Beans – one day only! They accept VISA, Mastercard or cash.

Loopy4ewe will also be joining them! Loopy4ewe creates beautiful hand knit and crocheted hats and items for children. They will have a clearance bin, or you can make a special request before the Open House so you can pick it up then and save on shipping! Plus, of course those cute sock monkeys!

Good luck!



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33 responses to “Apples’n’Oranges: a Peekaboo Beans giveaway

  1. Julie Jolicoeur

    Most important feature for us is an adjustable waistband…we don’t buy skirts or pants without one!

  2. We’re still trying to figure out what we need most – right now the sleepers that have zippers instead of snaps are Daddy’s number 1 choice, but as she grows I can tell she’s going to be hard on her clothes and these Peekaboo Beans sound fantastic. I’m going to have to remember that name.

  3. I say that the most important thing for us is no buttons on the waist band . . for my three year old – – they take too much time and she can’t do them up herself so she walks around with her pants open all day. not great!

    – donna

  4. Tara

    Great shop- it was my first visit. For me I like kids clothes that are bright, unique, and that last.

  5. Tara

    i’ve also signed up for their e-mails 🙂

  6. Kara

    Most important thing for me in children’s clothings is durability. It needs to wash well and I want to be able to save it to hand me down (I have 2 girls 2 years apart). Having clothes that I know will last through 2 kids is great!

  7. Judy

    Our needs change, but right now we are looking for clothing cool enough for summer but keep a non-walking 20 month old’s knees a little protected.

  8. Laura Quirk

    For my daughter, must have the waist adjustor, she is so tiny. For my son, no button or snap jeans. He can not do them up yet.

  9. Tracy

    Wash and wear and still look and feel as good as new!

  10. Julie

    zippers on sleepers! no buttons. 🙂

  11. a big enough opening in the tops for a kid with a big head! 😉 wash and wear, fun graphic designs, elastic waste bands! potty training here. enough said.

    i am following on twitter.

    i joined the fb group page.

    awesome local company.

  12. Krista

    Adjustable waist is great, for my tall and skinny one 🙂

  13. Krista

    Joined the facebook group!

  14. Krista

    Follow on twitter.

  15. Krista

    Signed up for newsletter!

  16. Durability is our number one – clothes will most certainly be handed down, I’d like to pass them on past my boys too. If two (or more) kids can wear a pair of pants without going through the knees, they’re a winner!

  17. And now a Twitter follower too!

  18. Faustina

    I can’t stand licensed logos on kids clothing. So we work hard to stay away from this movie character or that cartoon or this singer on the clothing.

  19. Faustina

    I commented on fb and I’m already a newsletter subscriber.

  20. Sherri

    Comfort! Sending my girls off to play at daycare for the day, the last thing I want them to worry about are pants that won’t stay up or a scratchy tag.

  21. Cath

    Definitely durability, but also (at least for my daughter) colour and flair …

  22. Joanne

    Durability! I want it to last!

  23. Love comfy, sturdy but CUTE clothes for my kids that are Canadian made – and I love Peekaboo Beans!! We have several of their pieces, and my kids wear them all the time 🙂

  24. Angela

    I love to dress my girls in stylish clothes that have lots of flexibility for play. The peekaboo beans line is amazing!

  25. An important feature in clothing for my kiddos is durability, and the ability to re-use/recycle the clothing for other kids. We often hand things down among our family and friends so quality is a must so it can last through 2 or 3 kids!

    I’ve become a Facebook fan, signed up for the newsletter and I was already following you guys on Twitter! 🙂

  26. angela ( jhscrapmom )

    and i already follow you on twitter:) as aaucl

  27. angela ( jhscrapmom )

    ack! my first post disappeared – washability – serious washability is key for me.

  28. Naomi

    most important to me? Durability, and ease of washing. I don’t want to iron my kids clothes!

  29. Jenny

    how true to size the clothes stay after washing & drying them! Love PB for that, btw!

  30. Jenny

    K, don’t tweet or twitt or whatever and I’m already a FB fan and I get the newsletter! Thanks for another great contest!!!

  31. Ack, missed the deadline. Congrats to the winner!

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