Anna Epp Photography : a Mother’s Day giveway!

I’m a photo person. I take a lot of photos (I even start photo challenges ;)) and I prefer to put up photograph after photograph on my walls instead of buying art. But there is a distinct lack of “mommy” in our photos…. she’s generally behind the camera.  And to be honest, daddy is often playing wrangler so he doesn’t make it into that many photos either.  So every once in awhile I feel it’s important to schedule a time to see a professional photographer to take some nice family shots of all of us together.

I met Anna from Anna Epp Photography last year when I was pregnant with my twins. I wanted to do something special to commemorate the pregnancy and also get some photos of our family in the last weeks that we were still a family of three. The photos we got are not only beautiful but I will treasure them forever.

“Anna Epp Photography offers on location, natural light, custom photography.  We will come to your home or to one of Ottawa’s fabulous parks or urban areas, the choice is yours. We like your family to be relaxed and enjoy the experience of being photographed. With each session we try to tell a story, your story, capturing that moment in time.”

Here are some samples of some of Anna‘s amazing work (that’s Kiernan kissing my belly in the first collage!)

If you’re still looking for a mother’s day gift I highly recommend booking a portrait session for you and your family. Or win one here!!

The giveaway

Anna has donated a mini- photo session for our fabulous Kids in the Capital readers! It’s our first giveaway and we’re very excited about it!

The photo session will be at 11:30am on May 15 at Andrew Hayden Park (raindate May 29.) The mini-session consists of a 30 minute time slot, with at least 10 unique poses, two 5x7s, and 25% off studio products (prints, canvases, cds and albums.)

If you are free on May 15 at 11:30 am and are interested in winning, simply leave us a comment and tell us what your favourite thing to do for mother’s day. For an extra entry, visit Anna’s Facebook Group, become a fan and then leave us a comment to let us know you’ve done it. Deadline to enter is Tuesday May 11 at 5pm.

Good luck and happy Mother’s day!!



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24 responses to “Anna Epp Photography : a Mother’s Day giveway!

  1. Jenny

    Um… my favorite thing to do is sleep in and then go for brunch. So far, 0 for 1. Good thing we have brunch reservations 😉

  2. Jenny

    I’m a facebook fan too now. Beautiful photos – would love to win! Thanks for the great contest, gals!

  3. Jay

    My favorite thing to do – is to be with my family and have the kids NOT fighting:) and not having to make my own dinner! lol

  4. Jay

    I am also an Anna Epp fan on FB 🙂 yay Anna!

  5. My favorite thing is to have breakfast for dinner. We are always rushed in the mornings so it’s fun to chill and have the big yummy breakfast in the evening.

  6. Anna is wonderful! That’s my belly in one of those pics in the collage! My fave thing to do on Mother’s Day is sleep in while hubby entertains the kids. Don’t enter me in the contest though, I’ve already won a contest from her and would like other people to get a chance!

  7. Amanda

    I loved that even though I am due any day now and it’s our first pregnancy my husband still celebrated the day for me by bringing me breakfast in bed, decorating special mothers day cupcakes and wrote wonderful notes from himself & baby boy!

  8. My favorite thing about Mother’s Day is my favorite thing about everyday, the random hugs, kisses, and hearing “I love you Mommy.”

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. As far back as I can remember, Mother’s Day has meant getting a little dressed up and going from brunch. Today I took my baby daughter to the same brunch place that we used to take my grandmother and my mom.
    One of my gifts today was a frame for my desk for when I go back to work. I’d love to have a professionally done photo of all three of us together (or four if the dog can come).

  10. Tracy

    Being with my daughter – watching her smile and laugh with my husband and her grandparents at brunch. She is my heart and makes it beat everyday, especially on Mother’s Day.

  11. My favourite thing to do for Mother’s Day is to have quiet time to myself — SUCH a luxury when you have little kids. My husband takes all three kids out in the afternoon and I can just read or surf or nap without a pinch of guilt. It’s my favourite day of the year!

  12. meg

    my favourite thing on mother’s day is sleeping in, having a morning mango mimosa and then going for a walk with my boys 🙂

  13. Carly LeBlanc

    My favourite thing for Mother’s Day is to just celebrate the day being a family and get lots of extra cuddles in…. 🙂

  14. Allison Klus-Palermo

    This is my first Mother’s day…and so far my favourite thing about it is just plain having my son and husband in my life. Plus, I didn’t have to cook all day and had an afternoon nap for the first time in 8 weeks!! Bliss

  15. last year on Mother’s Day I was recovering from a night in the Civic with false labour. Boy, was I bitter – it was cold, rainy, I was big and uncomfortable and missing my Wee G, who had been shipped off to his grandparents’ when we thought his little sister’s arrival was imminent.

    This year I definitely wanted to do my favourite Mother’s Day activity, Hintonburg’s ArtsPark. It was frosty yesterday, but spirits were high, the music was great, and I treated myself to some great new earrings from a local artisan. It’s a great tradition! The nap in the afternoon didn’t hurt, either!

  16. Jen

    My fav thing to do on Mother’s Day is take a minute and be proud. I now have two kiddies, (3 1/2 and 5 months old) and life is BUSY. In all the chaos of diaper changes, runny noses, picky eaters, boo-boos, sleepless nights, housework, errands, laundry and trying to lose that baby bulge (ugh!!) I forget to stop and take a minute to marvel at the kids I have, and feel lucky that I get be their mom. Motherhood is a tough job, the hours are endless and the pay is garbage, but all it takes is one unprovoked “I love you mommy!” and all of that is forgotten. I’m not perfect, and neither are my kids, but we are happy. I can’t imagine I’ll ever do anything more challenging or rewarding than being a mom, and on Mother’s Day I choose to enjoy the little moments- my mom tells me they’ll mean the most in the end.

  17. My fave thing to do on Mother’s Day is to relax with the people I love most…7 year old, 4 year old & 4 month old. We had my Mom over for lunch yesterday and then went to my inlaws for dinner. A lovely day!

  18. Just became a FB fan of Ann Epp Photography

  19. Eva

    This was my first, my son was 16 days old on mothers day 🙂
    my wish was to sleep in and have breakfast in bed… Unfortunately my husband was sick with the flu so I spend all night and day loving caring for my lil’ boy. Not as planned but a great day 🙂

  20. frugal + urban

    Like many others, I love going for brunch with our little family on mother’s day. And then coming home and calling my mom, my sister (a new mom), my grandma, and some other mom friends to wish them a happy mother’s day too.

    I also love the home made cards 🙂

  21. frugal + urban

    Oh, and I also became an Anna Epp fan on facebook!

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