Monkey Rock Music

We are the proud owners of a plethora of musical instruments: a kids drum set, keyboard, kazoo, two recorders, four castanets, three microphones, a harmonica, and no less than 3 ukulele’s.  And we have John and Sheryl, the founders of Monkey Rock Music to thank for our growing collection and budding musicians!

Our 23 month old son has been enrolled in classes with John since October of 2009.  Monkey Rock Music offers 40 minute long music classes across the city (Glebe, Manotick, New Edinburgh, and Orleans) for different age groups (newborn to 6 year old).  He also performs at local events (we had a rocking good time watching him at the Pinecrest Chapters) and Birthday Parties (I’ll have to do a follow-up post in June after the monkey’s 2nd birthday party).

After noticing the monkey’s burgeoning dancing skills I signed him up for Monkey Rock and he has been captivated by music and instruments ever since.  I am amazed every week that John is able to keep the attention of my busy boy who never sits still for longer than a minute at a time.  I think it’s John’s focus on fun and engaging songs that encourage everyone to participate and sing/sign along.  I love catching my boys (my 4 year old has also attended a few classes) singing or signing to themselves: its always a song from Monkey Rock.  These days its usually the welcome song or the shark song.

Each week John leads the kids through a themed class that focuses on upbeat songs that everyone can partake in either by singing along or through the accompanying signs.  His ability to play the guitar, sing, and sign with a gaggle of kids sitting around him as well as helping him play the guitar is a source of amazement (and great entertainment).

Not only does my monkey enjoy every moment of class, from the warm-up songs, to the ‘big bag’ of instruments, to the parachute, its given us something new to explore as a family.  We enjoy playing instruments together at home and the monkey likes sharing the songs he’s learned with his dad and big brother.  After two years straight of cars, trains, and planes we also appreciate engaging in non-vehicle related activities together 🙂

You can learn more about Monkey Rock Music by visiting their website,, attending a free demo lesson, or by checking out their Facebook page .

Sara is mom to a 4-year-old firefighter and 2-year-old monkey.  You can find her at her blog, My Points of View.



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9 responses to “Monkey Rock Music

  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this info … I think my kids would love Monkey Rocks too!

  2. p.s. tried to link to learn more about Monkey Rocks, but it’s not working.

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  4. Teresa

    Links aren’t working. 😦

  5. Kiernan and I went to a trial Monkey Rock class this morning. K was in HEAVEN. And they let you join mid session so we’re in for the rest of this season. Definitely worth checking out and I think I’ll be taking the twins in the Fall when K starts school.

  6. Such a good idea! I was sad to see there were no weekend classes (I’m back to work soon, so we start the daycare circus). We’re doing a Music and Movement class right now that she likes – but this looks like a great variation. Maybe next mat leave 🙂

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