Take me out to the ball game

Did you know that baseball is coming back to Ottawa? If you haven’t heard, we now have an Intercounty Baseball League team called the Ottawa Fat Cats!

I have to say I’m not a baseball fan, but I did go to several Lynx games years ago with friends and had a good time! We are planning to take Joel to see a game this summer. At 3 years of age he probably won’t understand how the game is played, but I’m sure he’ll still have a great time. How could you not have a memorable experience at the ball game? A bus ride to the stadium on a weekend afternoon spent outside, finding our seats, buying peanuts and cracker jacks, or hotdogs, and doing the 7th inning stretch (do they still do that?), it all sounds like a great time to me!

Tickets are $12 per adult and children under 6 years of age are FREE (ye-ah!!) The first home game is Saturday, May 15th against the Mississauga Twins @ 7pm. Since they are a new club and trying to establish the franchise in Ottawa, there are many great deals being offered.

For example, the Ottawa Fat Cats really wants the next generation to learn about the sport of baseball so they are offering a complimentary ticket to all seniors (60+) who bring one paid child to the ball park. They are also offering free transportation to the stadium!

According to the Fat Cats website, baseball fans and concert goers can board any OC Transpo bus by simply showing the bus driver a concert ticket or baseball game-day for that date.

For more information, to buy tickets or see the game schedule check out http://www.ottawafatcats.com.


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