Have a Mommy’s Night In!

by Jenn

One great way of having fun with Freezer Cooking is to get together with a few friends and make a bunch of meals together.  You can each choose a recipe, agree on how many each person will make, then get together at someone house and each make your own recipe. 

 If you have 4 people who each make just 8 meals of their recipe, then each person will go home with 8 meals, 2 of each recipe!  This is a great way to try 4 new recipes without have to make all 4 recipes.  You can also just do a swap if nobody has the time to get together.  Kind of like a cookie exchange – a frozen meal exchange! 

Get the dads to get the kids out of the house on a Saturday afternoon and have fun!  Maybe even some wine for those who can!  🙂

Jenn is mom to five-year old Jacob and two and a half year old Zachary. You can find her at Invitations by Jenn.



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4 responses to “Have a Mommy’s Night In!

  1. I think this is a great idea! I always like having something I can pull out of the freezer and this is a fun way to make some food.

  2. Awesome idea!! There is also a book out there called The Big Cook by Deanna Siemens (Chapters has it on their website) and its recipes for doing this exact thing!

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