ABC Challenge : Week one

Week one is done and I hope the challenge has inspired you to take lots of photos this week – or maybe just different ones. I got a few I’m really happy with and had a hard time choosing which letters I wanted to share with you this week!

Here are my two:

Q&J swinging

S is for Swinging

U is for Umbrella

Both totally different but interesting I think!ย  Check out the other submissions in our flickr group and add your own. Next week I’ll start adding some of the submissions to my posts so everyone can enjoy!

Week 1 photography tip

I had Photoshop Elements once upon a time, but I don’t on this computer and for the longest time I was emailing people photos to crop or resize for me, or appropriating Eric‘s computer so I could use Photoshop. A friend of mine kept telling me about Picasa so I finally got around to downloading it – LOVE!

Here is a 5 minute video that gives you an overview of the software. But my short explanation of what I like is simple:

– Free

– I can crop photos

– I can resize photos

– I can tweak photos

Here are some examples of some simple things you can do:

Straight out of camera (SOC)

After a little tweaking


Crop and tweak!

Easy! Free! Give it a try!

I’m looking forward to week two and getting lots more great photos and I hope you are too! I am working through the list randomly, but if you prefer more structure then for next week your letters are C and D (Climbing and Discovery). Here is a link to the original list just in case you’ve forgotten the categories. Can’t wait to see your photos!

I have a few housekeeping questions and comments while I work out the bugs in my challenge and would love your feedback on any of these:

– I can grab photos from the flickr group as examples of good photography in the challenge without copyright issues, right?

– I am looking for photography tips and have a few up my sleeve, but I’m no expert so if any of you more talented photographers playing along want to help out with a tip, email me at kidsinthecapital(at) and I’ll credit the tip to you and link to your blog/business/whatever.ย  We’re here to learn and I’m sure many of you have fabulous insight to offer.

– I’ve had some varying comments on the lack of structure to my challenge (I’m letting you do the letters out of order and we aren’t all doing them together).ย  If you feel strongly either way, let me know. I want to get a sense of where preferences lie ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for playing along!

Lara is the mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 11 month old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can find her at her blog Gliding Through Motherhood.



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14 responses to “ABC Challenge : Week one

  1. Vicky

    What a difference it makes just tweaking the photos a bit! I think your week 1 photos are great!

    I have to say, I’m already starting to feel more confidant in my photography skills thanks to your contest! I’ve been playing around with my little point and shoot, and trying to avoid the flash as much as possible.

  2. i like the unstructured-ness. though i have to say i haven’t even got anything yet. i’ll try and get something soon! *gack*

  3. perhaps one thing, get people to title their pics on flickr with what letter they are covering. the pics are great, but it would be nice to know what they were covering.

    • I’m gathering some people use their flickr photos for more than just the challenge so they are including the category in their descriptions or in their tags. A bit more work to find, but it’s there. Except some of the first submissions…

  4. I must try that software. My new camera doesn’t always take the photos I hope for. Thanks for the tip.

  5. angela

    hi – on the flickr group i am jhscrapmom
    i had no idea there were letters of the week:)
    i can try and follow that much structure at least,lol!!!
    i am kinda like dani and shoot daily…so i originally looked at this as a daily challenge:). i like the two letters a week idea, so i am switching to that…although i need to make up my A,B and C:).
    I do use my photos for several groups often..or title for my own enjoyment…so i am putting the letter, word and the following tags on my shots, in the “tags” on the side…”abcchallenge” and “captitalkids”. I have just started threads for letters I have done in the group and hope that everyone adds their shots there as well, in the individual threads – it will be great inspiration!!! this is fun:) – thanks for starting the group.

    • There aren’t letters of the week – some people just seemed to want more structure. My only goal was to have people do two letters a week. I’m doing whichever two letters I want, but if people want to go in order, they can ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Your photos are great. Thanks so much for participating and helping set up the threads. I’ll mention those and how they work in next week’s post!

  6. angela

    oh! and just throw a line in the group description stating that photos may be used in your blog with links back to the photographers stream on flickr. another ottawa flickr group, “apartment613” uses it’s flickr pool to populate it’s blog.

  7. This is such fun — can you tell I’m all over this?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ In fact, I have another question — do you mind if I have more than one photo per letter? I’m having a hard time restraining myself, but I know that I am likely to be one of the more, um, prolific members of the group (*looks sidelong at Angela*) and don’t want to flood the pool!


    • I think having more than one photo per letter is fine ๐Ÿ™‚ My thought is that at the end we can all do a collage/montage of the whole alphabet so we may all have to pick one per letter at the end. I’m so glad you’re so excited about the challenge!!

  8. angela

    dani, you are cracking me up…and i probably should NOT have seen this post…off to add the other pics i held back from;)

    oh…and maybe an alphebet picnic at the end of the 14 weeks? so we can hang with our new photog friends?

  9. angela

    that would be alphAbet:)

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