My Park: Petrie Island – “Orleans’ Small Wilderness”

by Danielle

As both a professional photographer and a Mom to a 3 and 5 year old, I spend countless hours at Petrie Island in Orleans during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Its a small but unique little island which it such a rare gem for the city of Ottawa. I feel so grateful to have in our own urban back yard!

Petrie Island has so much to do for a family. There is LOADS of naturey goodness to learn about and see here! A huge sandy beach area that is open for swimming (water quality permitting), a picnic area, free boat launch (canoeing anyone?!), hiking trails as well as a Nature and Interpretation centre that’s open on weekends where kids can go and see samples of some of the nature found on the island. We’ve enjoyed many a hot summer day there picnicing and swimming with the kids. Its such an awesome way to spend a warm summer weekend!
When we moved to Ottawa from Nova Scotia two years ago, I was so relieved to learn of this wonderful space that my kids would be able to enjoy nature and have fun that was in a reasonable driving distance from the city. We are counting the days until those hot summer months of spending entire DAYS in the sun at Petrie Island!

When I decided to write this post for Kids in the Capital, I decided I couldn’t possibly do so without pictures (maybe its a photographer thing? Hehe!). So I went on a walk and took some and decided to post a few here for those who have never been.


The main beach area.



One of the many trails.



And an adorable wild animal I picked up on the way home. (Okay, okay…he’s mine!) 😉

Danielle is a professional photographer, adoptive mom of two and a blogger.



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8 responses to “My Park: Petrie Island – “Orleans’ Small Wilderness”

  1. Vicky

    Your photos are beautiful, and so is the wild animal 😉 Have you found that there isn’t a lot of shade at Petrie Island? We’ve never been in the summer, but seeing the beach I’d be tempted to bring a large beach umbrella.

  2. Hi Vicky! Thanks! 😉

    For shade at Petrie Island, the only area that I have found with shade is the foresty area on the far side of the beach. Lots of trees down there as well as picnic tables (I believe), benches and a small play structure type of thing for kids. For the beach, yes, an umbrella would be a fantastic idea as there isn’t any shade there at all except for a couple of trees on the surrounding grass area.

    • Vicky

      I’ve always wanted to have family photos done with jeans rolled up walking through the beach! Maybe once my little one is walking.

  3. Great shots and great post, I’ve never been there, so it gives me some insight into the location. I’ll have to visit this summer with my “little animals”!

  4. Wow, gorgeous! I love the tones!

  5. Julie

    Great post and photos too! We also enjoy Petrie Island..we love to go at sunset and when it’s not too early, sunrise.

  6. Joanne

    Great post. We love Petrie Island too – we try to head there a few times in the summer for a bbq (with our Coleman stove – my husband loves any excuse to pull it out) or a picnic. Now if the City could keep the water clean…:(

    It was featured in Today’s Parent a few years back!


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