Decorating your kids’ rooms

I have a slight addiction to scouring the web for kids’ room decorating ideas. When I was pregnant with Joel I spent hours on end searching for the perfect nursery room decor, and the addiction continued into my planning of his big boy room! His room isn’t completely finished, but I chose a vintage transportation theme with trains and airplanes. In my searching, I have come across a few fantastic websites that I’d love to share with you. I’m sure I’ll have more to add once I start planning my daughter’s big girl room!

Pottery Barn Kids
This is where I go to window shop for my dream playroom. If only I had the space, and the means to create a space as cool as this for my kids. You can also shop for boy, girl or baby themed rooms, furniture and accessories too. I’m trying to think of a way I can convince my husband that we need to get this dollhouse bookshelf for my daughter. She neeeeeds it, right?

The Land of Nod
I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for some vintage inspired transportation items for Joel’s room. I picked up these airplane curtain tie backs and they look great!

They have a huge selection of artwork for kids rooms, and some really fun bedding too. I would love to get a clothes tree like this for his room. You can also find quite a selection of knock-knock jokes on this site!

Just My Luck Designs
If you are into wall decals, you should check out this shop! I picked up this very cool train decal for Joel’s room. It’s above his bed, and it just makes his room pop!

Restoration Hardward Baby & Child
What’s not to love about Restoration Hardware? I bet you didn’t know they have a baby & child department! I’ve been getting their catalog for a while now, and it makes me drool. Monograms! Polkadots! Convertible cribs! Oh my!

Rosenberry Rooms
This is the mother of all kids decorating websites! You can find furniture, decor, bedding, accessories and art in any theme you can possibly imagine! Search by colour, or pattern, or sport or animal for whatever you imagine in your kids rooms. You name it, you’ll find it here.

Warm Biscuit
The most adorable bedding and fabric ever.

In case you were wondering, I decided on a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme for Joel’s nursery (since I didn’t know what I was having, it seemed pretty gender neutral). This was my inspiration.

And here is the room – I took these photos just before my daughter was born in June, after we moved Joel into his big boy room and set the crib up again. I did end up buying the bedding and mobile you see in the photo.

Vicky is mom to a 3.5 year old boy Joel and nine month old girl Mieka. She also blogs at Some kind of Wondermom.



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7 responses to “Decorating your kids’ rooms

  1. Stephanie

    If you like to shop locally, there’s a local online retail store named Wall Juice ( that does wall decals. They have the online store and also do custom orders. You can arrange for free pickup if you’re in the Ottawa area too!

  2. I may regret having read this post…

  3. Oh and Pottery Barn put out a book on decorating kids’ rooms that is absolutely fabulous (called, rather appropriately, “Kids’ Rooms”). I highly recommend it.

  4. Elizabeth

    I love checking out Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh ( for ideas for kids’ rooms. I like that many of the decoration ideas are DIY rather than bought off the shelf, although certainly some of the rooms shown can include pricy furniture. I also really like Knock Off Wood (, a site that shows you how to make your own furniture inspired by stores such as Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, etc. Very cool!

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