ABC: Challenging the photographer in me

by Lara

Anyone who knows me knows that photos are my thing. I love taking photos; if I got good photos of an outing, it makes that outing all the more successful in my eyes.

But, I feel a bit blah about my photography lately. And I feel inspired by bloggers like Dani, Andrea , Anna, Amy, this list could go on forever, who take amazing photos! I want to do better!

This past weekend, however, with the challenge of finding some interesting photos for the Kids in the Capital header, I was able to get some great shots I feel really proud of:

So in the interest of getting more photos that I can feel proud of, I am going to set a challenge for myself:

In the next 14 weeks I will get at least one photo I am proud of in each of the categories (in no particular order) in my following ABC list. Every week I will present you with 2 of the photos (hmmm, maybe photos from two categories so I can show you more if I feel like it), as well as a photography tip I have discovered that I can share with you.

Xcited (OH! Cheater!)

And I would love it if you would join me! I set up a flickr group where we can all share our photos with each other. Together we can not only share our beautiful photos but highlight some of the amazing spots in our fabulous city, from all its different angles.

Lara is the mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 10 month old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can find her at her blog Gliding Through Motherhood.



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28 responses to “ABC: Challenging the photographer in me

  1. BRILLIANT challenge — I love this!! Such a neat idea for inspiration, just when I’m lacking some (and thank you so much for including me in your list — I’m blushing!)

    I love love love the first pic you posted, but they’re all lovely. Bright and crisp and fun.

    Off to join the Flickr group!

  2. Joanne

    That is a great idea!

  3. Shannon

    What a great idea! Just in time for the beautiful weather! I’m just outside Ottawa can I still play? 🙂

  4. Jenny

    I’m game!!! Off to join the group now!

  5. I’m in, even though I am not a parent or in the Capital.
    I think this is a GREAT idea.

  6. OOoh. This is a wonderful idea. And your photos are great. It’s about capturing the essence of a feeling, and yours have totally done that.

  7. So, I guess some people were wondering if they had to take the photos in order… but I figured that doesn’t make sense, because what if it took you until August 18th to find some really awesome “art,” would you pass up all the “green” and “yellow” and “laughing” that you saw all through April, May, June and July?

  8. angela

    found this thru dani…i am in:)

  9. Julie

    this sounds like a fantastic idea! lots of fun for sure, can I join in too? great website by the way!

  10. I can’t wait to see all the great pictures. I would play too but, unlike Lara, photos are not my thing. In fact getting a good photos of the kids is pure luck with my little digital camera.

  11. i love these sort of chellenges. i’m in. though it’s going to be tough with the craptacular little camera i have. but i am determined. great idea lara!

  12. I may play from afar!

  13. Thank you for the shout out Lara! I may join you in this, although I do take an already huge amount of photos pretty much every day 😉

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  16. Great idea!!

    I always like to find new spots to take photos.


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  19. Nat

    Great idea… gonna be some slightly older kids in mine. though. Joining in week two.. 🙂

  20. mary

    What a great idea. I have just joined flickr and posted my first photos. It is a challenge for sure, some will be happy coincidence, others I may have to get inventive. I don’t take loads of photos and this is inspiring me. thank you.

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